Creston Davis is the co-founder and director of the GCAS & Professor of Philosophy & Psychoanalysis at the Institute of Social Sciences & Humanities–Skopje, and Professor of Philosophy at the European Graduate School. With Slavoj Zizek & John Milbank he as co-authored, Paul’s New Moment, edited, The Monstrosity of Christ MIT, and Theology and the Political (Duke), and with Slavoj Zizek & Clayton Crockett, he co-edited Hegel and the Infinite (Columbia). With Clayton Crockett & Marcus Pound he co-edited Theology after Lacan. He has authored with Alain Badiou, The Contradictions of America (forthcoming with Columbia), and has completed his most recent novel, Ghostly Icons (forthcoming). And with Clayton Crockett, Jeffrey Robbins and Slavoj Zizek, he co-edits Insurrections an academic book series published by Columbia University Press .